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"I feel I am making a difference to our clients and I am valued by other HRC staff."

Opportunity Awaits at HRC

We're seeking thinkers and collaborators to help us meet the engineering challenges of the 21st century! We achieve excellence through growth- it's the skills and talents of people like you that have helped Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Inc. meet Michigan's engineering needs for over 100 years.

If you are a match for any of the positions available, we invite you to explore and apply today.

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Who We Are

Here are the basics: Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Inc. is a full-service consulting engineering firm specializing in civil, process, environmental, and construction engineering. Yep, we do all that.

We’ve spent over a century servicing municipal, industrial, and private clients across Michigan with their infrastructure needs. Our work helps maintain a high standard of living for millions of people - and you can help.

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Why Work With Us

"HRC is a great work environment that provides openness to new ideas and a steady support for its employees."

Did we mention that we've won the Detroit Free Press Top Workplaces Award six times? It's clear we rank high among employees in satisfaction.

But we're always growing - new members are joining the Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Inc. family every week. Here are just some of the reasons why our engineers, architects, surveyors, technicians, and interns chose HRC - and why we hope you will too.

"Somebody knows the answer and is more than happy to help."


You won’t be left behind at HRC. Our workplace is a collaborative environment- you’ll learn from experienced professionals the skills you need to excel and grow. We’ll provide training courses for the tools you’ll be using to bring your vision to fruition.

Are you a college student looking to enter the world of engineering but don’t have the experience? HRC's summer internship program will equip you with the hands-on training and work experience to snazz up your resume. You don’t have to know everything to begin here- we’ll teach you.

"…really gave me the opportunity to have the hands on experience..."


HRC hires dozens of students for summer internships! These paid positions enable students to get first-hand experience with office and fieldwork. You don’t have to be an engineering student to apply, either. What we’re looking for is enthusiasm, a great attitude, and motivation to learn the technical skills needed over the course of your internship. We’re NOT expecting you to have years of experience straight out of college! (honest!)

Check out this interview with one of our engineers and see how an internship can lead to a career!

Or, take a look at the video below one of our past interns made and see what a summer at HRC is like.

A Day in the Life of an Intern

"Everyone has a seat at the table."


The leadership at Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Inc. is supportive and communicative. The Open-Door Policy followed by partners and managers enables all employees to have the opportunity to voice their questions and concerns when needed. Employee feedback is taken to heart and provided careful consideration. You won’t be left alone here!

"I always feel recognized and appreciated within the company."


HRC looks out for its employees. The Employee Appreciation Committee provides perks such as the Employee of the Month program, merchandise giveaways, the annual breakfast, golf outings, picnics, and more! Employee games such as Scattergories and hackeysack make for fun diversions to unwind during a long workday. Show your skills and win prizes!

"They take care of their employees and treat them with the highest respect."


We become great through collaboration. It’s the backgrounds of all our diverse team members coming together that empower us to be the effective and resilient workforce we are. We hold great value in the skills and background you bring to us- and we’ll provide the environment where your potential can be utilized.

"For once, I’m part of a company that truly feels like a family."


Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Inc. boasts some generous benefits for its employees! Full-time employees receive:

Medical Insurance
Dental Insurance
Short and Long-Term Disability
Paid time off
And more!

"HRC allows me the flexibility to make important project decisions…"


You’re not locked into a stringent work schedule at this company. HRC knows its employees have many commitments. That’s why we have work-at-home options possible. Many of our employees take advantage of the opportunity to work on a schedule that accommodates their personal needs, and they can often accomplish this in the comfort of their own homes. And it makes for a short commute!

"HRC really encourages getting to know everyone on a personal level."


Just walking through the halls at HRC, you’ll notice positive energy all around you. We approach our work with an upbeat attitude. The friendly banter between desk neighbors makes for a motivating workplace atmosphere. You’ll find it’s a lot easier to be your best when your peers are encouraging and as success-driven as you.

Why Are We So Awesome?

"The company does a great job of making everyone feel like they are part of a team."

That's just it- there's no one reason why we are so awesome. We've got lots to brag about. But we wouldn't be awesome without the contributions of talented people just like you. If you've got the drive and the determination to tackle the challenges of engineering head-on, we invite you to strap yourself in and apply to one of these positions today. Help us continue to be as awesome as we are!

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