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Employee Interview

When did you first start working at HRC?

“I technically started working for HRC as an intern after my freshman year of college in 2014. Each consecutive summer until I graduated in 2018, I returned to HRC for a summer internship. I began working full time in January of 2019!”

What made you come back to HRC each summer?

“I truly loved gaining experience and I knew that HRC was a great place for me to do this. The construction projects I was able to experience each summer, whether it was one project for the whole summer, or a few shorter projects, really gave me the opportunity to have the hands on experience and in a way pushed me to figure things out on the fly.”

“One thing that I think is great for the interns is that you are most of the time placed out on a project on your own, so you are responsible for making decisions out on the site, however, there is always someone in the Field Office that you can call for help. This really helps you feel a sense of independence, but also a sense of security knowing that there’s always someone you can call for backup if you don’t feel comfortable making the decision on your own.”

What drew you to HRC compared to other firms in the industry?

“I quickly learned that HRC really makes an effort to show their appreciation for their employees and I think that says a lot about a company. With many employee appreciation events I always feel recognized and appreciated within the company. Another big thing that drew me to HRC is its employees. HRC has such an amazing “family” atmosphere which is very important to me and just about everyone that you come across in the company is so warm and welcoming. Many of these employees have come to be my very close friends.”

“Again, I think this says a lot about a company and I think everyone’s happiness at work ties into feeling important due to HRC going above and beyond to appreciate their employees. Work/HRC is such a large part of where we all spend our daily lives, so for me it really helps knowing that I enjoy the people I am spending my weeks with, and also that everyone is respected within the company, too.”

What about the work environment/culture/managers would you say makes HRC stand out? And what did you like about those aspects?

"The Partners and Managers here at HRC, in my opinion, have an open door policy. I can walk into (my supervisor’s) office at any time and they are always more than happy to take the time out of their day to help with whatever situation may be at hand, and this applies to all of the Partners and Managers at HRC, in my experience.”

“I truly think this speaks volumes and is something that I still appreciate about HRC as a company because typically whatever it is that I need help with, there’s somebody here at HRC that knows the answer and is more than happy to help. Not only are the Partners and Managers always willing to help with work related issues/advice, but they also try their best to get to know you on a personal level.”

“Whether it’s talking about fun life events, exciting vacations or talking about hobbies that you have in common, HRC really encourages getting to know everyone on a personal level which I think ties into making the workplace overall a more enjoyable place to be!”

A Day in the Life of an Intern

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