I75 bridge construction  

The project included 5.6 miles of concrete freeway reconstruction and widening, and rehabilitation of six structures. HRC performed all construction engineering, testing and inspection on this project. Inspection included removal of one four-span bridge to the footings, widening and reconstruction of the same bridge. Four bridges were hydrodemolished with new joints, barrier, surface and paint. The roadway was removed, drainage, subbase, OGDC, Geotextile and concrete (reinforced on southbound, non-reinforced on northbound) placed. Guard rail, trusses, cantilevers and signs were removed and replaced. Concrete shoulders, valley gutter and median barrier (much variable height) with glare screen was placed. Ramps were totally or partially replaced. Verification tests were done on all concrete.

HRC responsibilities included:

  • Construction Management
  • Construction Inspection
  • Testing
  • Construction Documentation
  • Field Manager Record Keeping
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Design Changes