Businesses and municipalities are now establishing policies and procedures to address the needs of electric vehicle (EV) drivers. HRC is at the forefront of tackling the infrastructure needs of tomorrow with experienced licensed professional engineers who are experts in designing EV charging stations. Our electrical engineers can guide clients and assist with the successful establishment of EV services.

HRC can provide direction as clients step into the future and embrace this innovative technology. We help facilitate a seamless experience by assessing infrastructure needs, recommending cost saving approaches, and assisting with the management of sustainable EV facilities. We help clients realize the growth potential and economic benefits provided by proactive involvement in the ever-increasing EV charging needs of today’s drivers.

Areas of Expertise

  • Asset Management
  • Government Resources and Subsidies
  • Financial Incentives and Credits
  • Private Investment Partnerships
  • Site Inspection
  • Property Acquisition
  • Grid Capacity
  • Utility Relocation
  • Infrastructure Improvements
  • Design and Construction
  • Activation
  • Site Host Operation and Management
  • Public Outreach
  • Community Acceptance

Contact Us

Roland Alix, PE
Vice President
Phone: 248-736-8704