McBride Drain Habitat Restoration

The McBride Drain Habitat Restoration was the collaboration of the Macomb County Public Works Commissioner, the EPA, GLRI and HRC. The enhancement and restoration of the McBride Drain enabled the stream to acquire and sustain a variety of aquatic and diverse vegetation. The stabilization of the streambanks and in-stream structures further improved the hydrology of the stream and created aquatic and habitat improvements.

The McBride Drain runs directly through a residential neighborhood. These improvements improved the quality of life and reduced flooding to the adjacent yards.

Relief Drain Restoration

hrc rummel drain photo

The Rummell Drain was constructed in the late 1960s to provide storm drainage relief to portions of the City of Southfield, Lathrup Village and the Village of Beverly Hills. The Drain services approximately 3,300 acres and is almost 20,500 feet in length. Utilizing computer modeling, HRC completed a study of the Drain in the late 1990s to address…