Project Details

Macomb Macomb Twp, MI Civil Engineering

The McBride Drain Project was a restoration of approximately 20,000 feet of this drain to a more traditional stream environment. The project provided immediate and long-term benefits for diverse wildlife habitat and promoted enhanced wildlife populations. Improvements included in-stream structures such as boulder clusters, covered logs, tree cover, cross logs and others. These types of structures function as riffles and create pools within the stream. Additional improvements included restoring riparian corridor vegetation along agricultural and suburban lands, as well as restoring degraded wetlands that would enhance terrestrial habitat and provide cover for the low flow channel of the stream


HRC assisted the Office of the Macomb County Public Works Commissioner to obtain $2.5 million dollars in Grant Funding through the EPA. The restoration of the McBride Drain resulted in substantial reduction in pollutant loads, reduction of invasive species, restoration of fish habitat by encouraging spawning activities of fish species including pike and suckers that prefer small tributaries, improvement of the overall aesthetics of the drain, and stabilization of the drain banks. Restoration and enhancement activities focused on re-establishing pre-settlement wetland types for approximately 30 acres along the drain corridor and naturalized approximately 1,500 feet of shoreline around the pond on township property that connects to the McBride Drain.