Project Details

City of Troy Troy, MI Stormwater

The Sylvan Glen Golf Course, constructed in 1922, was experiencing negative impacts from stormwater runoff generated by increased development in upstream tributary areas. These impacts included increased bank erosion, loss of vegetation within the drain channel, exposed irrigation and drainage infrastructure, loss of tee surfaces and increased downstream sedimentation. Additionally, the increased stormwater flow and sedimentation had degraded aquatic habitat and diminished water quality downstream.

sylvan golf course bridge over stream

The City of Troy retained HRC to conduct a study of approximately 2,300 lineal feet of the Gibson-Renshaw Drain located within the City-owned Sylvan Glen Golf Course. The purpose of the study was to:

  • Characterize the existing conditions along the watercourse
  • Evaluate hydrology and hydraulics
  • Develop streambank stabilization alternatives
  • Summarize findings and recommendations