Project Details

Michigan Department of Transportation Michigan Traffic

The Michigan Department of Transportation selected Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Inc. (HRC) to analyze and retime 14 traffic signals in Cass and Allegan Counties in the Southwest Region. The project was funded by the Congestion Mitigation Air Quality program. The goal of the project is to provide MDOT with optimized traffic signal operations. Retiming signals on a regular cycle allows for updates to current MMUTCD standards and accommodates interim changes to intersections/corridors. One of the corridors M-40 turns in the middle of the corridor being optimized; most of the traffic is making a southbound left turn or a westbound right turn, making the progression analysis unique.

HRC responsibilities include:

  • 24 Hour vehicle counts by approach
  • Turning movement counts during peak hours
  • Field verification of existing conditions
  • Synchro model development for existing and optimized conditions for three peak hours
  • Safety analysis and recommendations
  • Railroad preemptions included in model and proposed permits
  • Provide revised signal timing permits and time-of-day schedule for implementation
  • Conduct a follow-up critique of the corridor and recommend adjustments to the system as required
  • Traffic signal warrant analysis
  • Calculate clearance intervals
  • Left turn signal warrant analysis
  • Prepare final report with Items for Further Consideration