Project Details

MCPWO Clinton Twp, MI Environmental

The site in which the Partridge Creek Drain is located was under a conservation easement held by Clinton Township. Phase I (Invasive Plant Species Removal) encompassed approximately 50 acres that included species such as phragmites, reed canary grass, thistle, and non-native cattails – which were managed. A native cover crop of early succession species was established. Phase II (Gloede Drain Natural Channel Design Restoration) restored the floodplain along approximately 5,500 feet of the Gloede Drain, consistent with the Macomb County open drain standards for a multi-staged channel. One-sided excavation (north bank) was used to maintain shade and minimize the area of disturbance. Phase III (Wetland Restoration) restored up to five acres of contiguous stream and pocket wetlands throughout the site. The hydrology was restored to provide connectivity between the floodplain, Gloede Drain, and upland pocket wetland. Phase IV (Oak Openings Restoration) restored upland areas to historic oak openings, Savannah habitat and included a vegetation management plan.

HRC assisted the Office of the Macomb County Public Works Commissioner in obtaining EPA grant funding in the amount of $ 2.3 million dollars. The main objectives were:

  • Increase Habitat Diversity
  • Restore the 5 acres of wetland
  • Removal of Invasive Species
  • Restore and enhance 5,500 lineal feet of multi-staged open channel